Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The S.C.

I have struggled to find the last book in the "Ender's Game" comic series. It is called "Ender's Game: Command School" and it depicts the final battle with the "buggers". I really wanted to read it before moving on to our reserch phase but I couldn't find it in any book store.

While we were in our class yesterday I decided to look it up in the library. I found it in the special collections section of the library.... wait, what!? A comic in the special collections section? Yeah that was my first thought too.

So I went down to check it out. What I got was one of the strangest experiences. I have never been to special collections and I suggest that you go just to experience it. It was like walking into Fort Knox. I got directed to three different counters till I found the lady I was suppose to talk to. Once they knew what book I wanted I had to fill out a card with all my information. Then I had relinquish my back pack before entering. I also had to fork over my cell phone, which wouldn't have mattered any way becuase the collections section is in the basement of the library so you get no service.

After the lady at the desk opened the locked door I was aloud to enter into the reading room, I could not take the book out of the reading room and I couldn't bring anything into the reading room. They provided paper and pencil and that was all I could use. I went into the room and waited for my comic book. As I waited I observed that everyone around me was looking at ancient documents and that they had to use gloves to handle these documents.

So here I am waiting for my COMIC BOOK. (Don't ask me why a comic book is in special collections. They said the only things down there are either extremley rare or worth a lot. I doubt that "Ender's Game: Command School" is either.) Once my comic book came I got out a peice of paper and pencil to act like I was jotting down important notes. I felt like I should have gotten tweezers to turn the pages or something. I got a lot of puzzled looks when I recieved the comic and poured over it like an idiot.

I am very grateful for the Library for keeping books like that stocked and for helping me find it. We are really lucky to have a library with such a diverse collection of literature. I suggest that you go check out the S.C. and see what you can find down there.

Trailer for the Special Collections


Ashley N said...

Have you ever tried checking out Ender's Game from the library. I did a few years back for one of my classes. I was frustrated to find that all of the copies of Ender's Game were in the Special Collections (and it was a lot like 30+). Thinking that this had to be a mistake and there must be a copy that I could check out I went to one of the help desks to acquire their assistance. But they could not help me either. The lady was baffled that all of the copies were in special collections, I mean one copy of Ender's Game should be sufficient. I had to go and buy a copy from the bookstore, which was fine. BYU loves Orson Scott Card, almost too much. They now have one or two copies that you can check out. So I am not surprised that there was a comic book of Ender's Game there. It is pretty cool going in the Special Collections room

Sam said...

Our library here at BYU can surprise you sometimes when you realize the things they have here. I was really surprised last year when I saw that they have a copy of The Watchmen graphic novel. Also, I've been told that they have a lot of screenplays. I've got a buddy who loves reading Tarantino's screenplays and gets them from the library.