Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Thor" Movie Review

I saw "Thor" on opening night. The first thing I noticed was that I wasn't that excited about the film I was about to watch. Usually I am antsy and extremely focused on what I am about to see if I am excited to see the film. For me "Thor" was going to have to do something amazing to impress me... and it didn't. I have never been a fan of "Thor." I couldn't relate to "the God of Thunder." It was to "fantastical" for me and that is saying a lot.

The main actor, Chris Hemsworth was perfect as Thor. He embodied Thor and he wasn't a bad actor. Some fun facts, his brother was the boy friend of Miley Cyrus in real life and in the movie, "The Last Song." His brother and him were both up for the part of Thor. My favorite scenes in the movie were the ones on Asgard (Thor's Homeworld). Every scene with Loki (Thor's brother) or Odin (Thor's Dad played by Anthony Hopkins). Both Loki and Odin brought a lot of humanism and passion to the film that the earth characters lacked. Natalie Portman, the main love interest, was good but she was my biggest problem with the movie. I couldn't believe the love connection that her character and Thor had. I didn't believe that after a weekend Thor was willing to give up everything for this woman. 

Their was nothing in Thor that I haven't seen before. The graphics were ok, the story was ok, the acting was ok, and extremely cheesy at times. It wasn't bad and it made over 60 millions dollars in it's opening weekend, but I just didn't love it. This movie will not stand out as one of the great super hero movies. 

"Yeah! Im A Dork!" Rating: 6.5 (Out of Ten)
"Rotten Tomatoes"  Rating:  78%
"" Rating:            7.6


james.matthews said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll probably wait until I can watch it for free elsewhere now, a blessing of convergence culture

Sam said...

I'd probably give it a little higher ranking but I mostly agree with what you said.
What I liked about this movie is I felt that they were smart about making to movie accessible to a general audience. While the scenes on Earth with Natalie Portman were not what most people went to see, they made them funny to keep them from getting boring. Also, I loved how they did the rainbow bridge. A big giant actual rainbow would have been too lame and would have taken away from the movie. I was pleased with it, but I think that the Captain America movie will be better.