Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unfamiliar Characters in Comic Movies

Azazel : X-Men First Class
Azazel is basically a fallen demon. The angels went to war against the demons and the demons were banished to hell. Since Azazel is not only a demon but one of the first mutants he had the power of teleportation. He could only teleport for brief moments so he devised a plan. He started impregnating women and his offspring would creates portals for him. His most famous offspring is Nightcrawler (who;s mother is Mystique). This is why nightcrawler has similar features and teleportaion powers as Azazel. Every time Nightcrawler teleports he is briefly entering into hell and returning to earth. That is why when he appears and disappears the smoke smells like sulfur.

Riptide : X-Men First Class
Riptide is apart of Sinister's gang "the Marauders. In the comic he cannot create tornadoes and control wind like in "X-Men Firstclass." Instead his power is merely that he spins his body really fast, usually to throw projectiles (like shurikens) incredibly fast and with a lot of force. While spinning Collosus grabs his neck and snaps it. Ending the life of Riptide. (Of course Sinister cloned him though and it was as if he never died).

Abomination : The Incredible Hulk (The one with Edward Norton)
Abomination is one of the physically strongest villains in the Marvel Universe, and he should be he is a copy of the Hulk. He originally was a KGB Russian spy who deliberately exposes himself to twice as much Gamma Rays (the thing that turned the Hulk into the Hulk) as the Hulk. So he has twice as strong and twice as smart as the Hulk. In their first encounter Abomination beats the Hulk, but of course the Hulk was revived and as lowly Bruce Banner defeats him with science. He is still the Hulks greatest adversary.   

Destroyer : Thor
The Destroyer is a lifeless being created by Odin (Thors dad). He is impervious to destruction and the only people who are able to activate it are Odin, Thor, or Loki (Thors brother and bad guy). Once activated he cannot be stopped and he shoots beams from his eyes. He is currently under the control of Doctor Doom. 

Darwin: X-Men First Class
Even though Darwin is a "First Class" X-Men in the movie his first appearance was in 2006. He is able to adapt to survive. So if he is underwater he grow gills. If he is in a house that is burning down he is fireproof. Any situation he adapts to. He was recruited by Professor X to save his original first class (Iceman, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, and Angel). He died trying to rescue the original team but his body was able to reunite his atoms and reanimate himself. Currently he is apart of the team "X-Factor." 

Angel Salvadore : X-Men First Class
When Angel was 13 she was a normal girl. On her 14th birthday she woke up in a cocoon and when she came out she had developed insect wings. She also had acidy spit and eats like a fly. She basically has any fly related abilities, even laying eggs (she is gross).  She first appears in 2001 and is inducted as a new younger group of X-Men called "New X-Men." Angel, thankfully, lost her powers. She now has two tech gauntlets around her arms. The left arm can generate ice and the right hand generate fire. 
This is literally the most flattering picture I could find. She is gross.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who is your Favorite Superhero?

  • Captain America
  • Ironman
  • Thor
  • Wonderwoman
  • Hulk
  • Spiderman
  • Wolverine
  • Superman
  • Batman
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