Monday, May 23, 2011

Orson Scott Card: A Comic Fan!

I am pleasantly surprised to say that Orson Scott Card (author of Ender's Game) is a comic book fan. Before picking "Ender's Game" as my book to read I had no idea that he loved comics. Not only does he love comics but he as worked on three different ones. He wrote, "Ultimate Iron Man," "Wyrms," and "Red Prophet: The Tales of Alvin Maker." He praises comics and collaborates with Marvel often on their works.

Although Orson Scott Card did not work on "Ender's Game: Battle School" (the comic) he has high praise for it. In the videos below (they are short and worthwhile) he talks about how "Battle School" is better than all of his attempted screenplays for the proposed "Ender's Game Movie" (Movie has been on again off again for ten years. Here is a fan made trailer to hold you over till it comes out.) He said that he has made 15 different screenplays for the movie and the comic is the best he has seen and that this is the vision he wants to see on the big screen. He also said that the comic version in many ways may be better than the original novel because,"the visuals are so great and the script so tight." He gladly endorses the comic as a credible piece of literature.

After listening to these interviews it shows me a couple of things. 1) That comics are a great transition between novels and movies. 2) Comics can surpass novels because of the visual work 3) If Orson Scott Card works on comics and endorses comics then comics have to be respected by peers. (Sigh) One day...

Watch the two interviews of Orson Scott Card below
Orson Scott Card Interview #1
Orson Scott Card Interview #2

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