Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dead Superheroes!

So this is a project I have been working on for a couple of days. The hard part about being a comic book fan is that their are SO MANY comics to chose from. And every comic follows a different story arc. For instance the X-Men has several different story arcs in, "Uncanny X-Men," "Ultimate X-Men," "New X-Men," "Exiles," "Runaways," "X-Force," and "Excalibur." This can cause for some confusion in who's alive who's dead and what the heck is going on!?!? But for the most part most of them try and follow the main story but its hard. So I compiled a list of well known superheroes who for the most part are dead in most of the comics. Now don't worry most if not ALL superheroes usually come back... it is a little ridiculous, but hey, death sells. So here is the list:

The Human Torch

How: A group of space Alien Bugs were invading the Earth through a portal that Reed Richard (Mr. Fantastic) accidentally opened. To save the team while they escaped through the portal while Reed Richards was closing it, the Human Torch stayed behind and sacrificed himself (that is the above image).

When: He Died in March of 2011.

What Now: The Fantastic Four are looking for a fourth member now and are probably going to select Spiderman.


How: "After a brutal battle with a powered up Rogue, Bastion attempted to kill Hope but Nightcrawler bravely teleported in front of Bastion, with Bastion‘s arm skewering his chest.
Disabling Bastion for a couple of precious seconds, Nightcrawler then makes one last teleport to Utopia where Cyclops and the rest of the mutant army awaits."

When: April 2010

What Now: He is currently still dead in ALL X-Men comics.

Batman (Bruce Wayne)

How: Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman (considered the "trinity" of superheroes) went up against Darkseid. Darkseid is a God who looks to enslave planets. Darkseid took down Superman and Wonderwoman easily. So what did Bruce Wayne a normal human do after earth's two mightestes heroes fell??? He went toe to toe with Darkseid. Ultimately Darkseid zapped Batman with his laser beam eyes, but it gave the heroes enough time to recover and safe earth against Darkseid.

When: November 2008

What Now: Bruce Wayne is dead but Batman lives on. Currently their is a very interesting Batman comic going on featuring Dick Grayson (The original Robin) as Batman and Damien (Bruce Waynes son with Ras Al Ghul daughter) as Robin. Recently it has been leaked that Batman will come back soon.

Captain America

How: During Marvel's "Civil War" in which the Government wants all Superheroes to register themselves and reveal their identities, Captain America (who is against this registration) and other superheroes is pitted against Ironman (who is for the registration act). Captain America is assassinated by Red Skull and a sniper named Crossbones.

When: 2007

What Now: The original Cap, Steven Rodgers, has been dead for four years now. But Captain America still lives on through his former sidekick Bucky Barnes who has taken up his mantle. Like Batman, the original Captain America is scheduled to make a comeback.

Professor X

How: Really anti-climatic and a lot of people are upset about it. Marvel came out with a comic called "The Ultimatum." The purpose of this comic was to kill off a lot of heroes in the Marvel world quickly. So in a span of four pages three superheroes died. The Blob ATE the Wasp (She's was on the avengers) and then in retaliation Ant-Man ATE The Blob. The following page showed Magneto and Professor X talking, Professor X compared Magneto to Osama Bin Ladin, and then Magneto walked up to him and snapped his neck. Lame!

When: 2010

What Now: By the time Professor X died he had faded to the background in the Marvel world and was more of a spokesperson for the mutants instead of the leader of the X-Men. Cyclops and Emma Frost are now the leaders of the X-Men

Jean Grey

How: Do you know that Jean Grey has died 14 times!? Click HERE if you want to read them all. Her latest death was probably her lamest. Jean Grey is now "the Phoenix" (The most powerful mutant in the universe) and she decides that the world isn't ready for "the Phoenix" and so she submerges herself in a glacier...

When: 2005

What Now: Their have been a few Jean Grey sightings or influences here and their, but she has not made an official comeback yet. 

Well that's for sure not everyone but these are the big heroes. Some other heroes that are dead include Ant-Man, The Beast (In a few story arcs not all), Colossus (Not in all story arcs), and Banshee. If you would like to see a MASSIVE list click HERE.


Ashley N said...

I love the comic book characters but I have to admit that I don't actually read the comics. I just watch the TV shows and movies made about them. But even then I get really confused because there are several versions and I never know what is going on. Interesting how they kill off great characters but then bring them back. I was upset that batman was listed among the dead. He is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Once Nightcrawler died X-Men lost its value to me......without Kurt it's just not the same...I just can't read a comic without him.
It just doesn't feel right.
Marvel lost a lot of fans by killing off Nightcrawler...

Caue Dantas said...

my favorite x - men is nightcrawler