Monday, June 6, 2011

"X-Men First Class" Review

So I know we are supposed to be focused right now on the E-book we are making, but I just can't help myself, I have to write a review.

My wife and I saw "X-Men First Class" on Saturday (I wanted to see it opening night but my wife is taking the LSAT today and she had to study, I guess that is important). My expectations for this movie was really high because it was getting good review and my brother saw it and said it was good (he is a reliable source on movies and is a closet comic fan). X-Men is my favorite comic book, the 90's cartoon was the show that got my hooked on comics so I know the most about these heroes and have the highest expectations for this beloved franchise.

Preliminaries out of the way, this movie is fantastic! Not only fantastic, amazing! It surpassed my expectations. This is the "Batman Begins" for the "X Men" franchise. For those of you who do not get that reference, Tim Burton was the director of the sub-par Batman movies, you know the ones with the Govenator as "Mr. Freeze." It wasn't until Chris Nolan made "Batman Begins" did we realize how good the Batman movies could be. These movies were popular but not good, but they were all we had to choose from. Just like the original "X- Men" movies. I always thought that "X2" was a great movie (by far the greatest of the original three and that crap-tastic "Wolverine" movie) but after seeing "X Men First Class" I realize how juvenile those movies were.

Just like the Christopher Nolan Batman movies showed us how great the Batman movies could be so does "X-Men First Class" show us the potential greatness for the X-Men movies. This movie had it all, great acting (especially for Professor X, Magneto, and Kevin Bacon???), humor (Professor X is playful and a cheeky bugger), great action (Havok is really cool), some cool cameos, and a wonderful story that ties it all in. Now don't expect the story arc to coincide with the original "X-Men" movies. Not everything is going to line up chronologically, but it doesn't have to, this is a new start on the X-Men.

This movie is great, so great that it is now my second favorite comic movie (just behind "The Dark Knight"). That's a bold declaration for me and one you can trust from someone who has seen all comic movies... yes even "Jonah Hex"and the dreadful dreadful "Ghost Rider"(Do NOT touch that movie). "X Men First Class isn't only for comic fans, my wife who doesn't have a taste for this stuff loved it! So did her parents! So go and see it and step into my world for a night, I promise you will enjoy it.

IMDB Rating:                     8.3 (out of 10)
Rotten Tomato Rating:      87%
Yeah! Im a dork! Rating:    9.5 out of 10 (10 Being "The Dark Knight")

Things you didn't know about "X-Men First Class":
-- Spoilers --
  • The opening scene of young Magneto in the concentration camp is the exact same scene in the original "X Men movie.
  •  Moira Mctaggert (The CIA human agent in the movie) in the comics marries Professor X but he ends up cheating on her so she marries Banshee (the guy who screams, who is scottish in the comic) and they open a school for mutants in Scotland. 
  • Emma Frost (The chick who turns into diamonds) is currently the leader of the X-Men in the comics. 
  • Havok (The guy who shoots stuff out of his chest) is Cyclops (the guys who shoots things out of his eyes) brother. 
  • Azazel (the red demon guy) is Nightcrawlers Dad in the comics, his Mom is Mystique. 
  • The original team X-Men Team was Iceman, Cyclops, Beat, Angel (boy version), Beast (not blue yet), and Marvel Girl or Jean Grey.

Original X-Men Team
Jean Grey, Beast (Before Blue), Cylops, Angel, and Iceman

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