Thursday, October 6, 2011

90's Cartoon Superhero Shows

I was recently thinking about how I got into comics. It all started in my childhood. I grew up in the mid 90's and like most overweight kids I loved saturday mornings. Not for sports, but for saturday morning cartoons. This was the day of the week I was up earliest, so I could catch my favorite shows. These shows are what my mind refers to when I still read comics. Here are a few of the intros:

X-Men (1992-1997)
Oh man this song still gets me pumped! Easily my favorite show from my childhood. The modern day X-Men comics, movies, and cartoon shows, haven't quite gotten the chemistry of this team. 

What I Miss: The greatest part of this show was the chemistry between Rouge and Gambit. Not only was Gambit the coolest character on the show, but Rouge could fly and had super strength. The show had every major character and covered all the great X-Men story arcs, including the Dark Phoenix Saga.

Greatest Moment: In the first episode the most lovable character, Morph, who was the easy going jokester, gets brutally murdered by sentinels. 

Worst Moment: Jubilee.

Facts: Longest running (5 seasons) & highest ratings of any Marvel cartoon show. IMDB rating gives it a 8.9. IGN gives it a ranking of 13th for animated shows. 

Spiderman (1994-1998)

What I Miss: I loved the continuity of the show. Ever episode was important to watch or else you would be lost in the story. The stories were dark and Peter Parker wasn't portrayed as a dork.

Greatest Moment: Spiderman had epic season finales that usually involved multiple heroes. My favorite moment is when the X-Men and Fantastic 4 would team up with Spiderman.

Worst Moment: The Vulture and the Rhino could be the lamest villain's in Marvel.

Facts: Created by the same people who created the X-Men animated series. 2nd longest running Marvel show (4 Seasons). Longest running "Spiderman" show. 

Batman (1992-1995)

What I Miss: Considered the greatest animated series of all time by many. It has earned the highest ratings by critics because of the great voice acting, writing, and animation. Nothing had captured the essence of Batman like the animated series.

Greatest Moment: "Clayface" was my favorite Batman villain, and he scared the crap out of me. Overall I was creeped out by this animated series (I was only 5). But now I appreciate it for what it was. 

Worst Moment: That it ended.

Facts: Inspired by Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns." Geared towards an adult-oriented audience. Harley Quinn (Joker's Sidekick) was invented on the show and became so popular that DC comics put her into the graphic novels. In the series Mr. Freeze was changed from a mad scientist with a gimmick, to a tragic figure. The show won two Emmy's. 

These were my favorite series and the ones that I watched every Saturday. There were many other Cartoons in the 90's that I didn't care for. For your enjoyment I have posted them below:

Superman (1996-2000)
The Hulk (1996-1997)
The Fantastic Four (1994-1996)
Darkwing Duck(1991-1992)

Honorary Mentions (non-Superhero)
Captain Planet (1990-1996)
Duck Tales (1987-1990)


Samuel said...

Hello Amigo - Sam here, just had to comment (of course).

I have to say, Darkwing Duck gets my award for the most potential squandered. It was amazing. It's like they had a brainstorm of all the most amazing things you need in a superhero, mashed it all up and then took leave for the rest of the production. Look at him. (1) A DUCK wearing a double-breasted suit coat, a cross between a fedora and a sombrero, a cape and turtleneck, yet lacking pants. (2) He wields a HUGE gun. (3) He has what some might consider the greatest tag line of all time, say it with me "Let's get dangerous!" (4) He has the greatest pilot of all time as a sidekick, none other than Launchpad McQuack!!! Yet somehow - with all that going for them - he was lackluster and boring. Arg. What a waste.

There is one opening that never ceases to impress me. The opening theme to The New Adventures of Batman and Superman. (see here: Rivals Batman: The Animated Series in my view. (But man, that humble-pie Superman... that guy can never get top billing: Lois and Clark, Batman/Superman...He wasn't even a founding member of the Justice League.)

Anyway - as you know - always a fan of ye ol' comic book. Keep it alive Mat!

Chronicles of the Harrisons said...

Matt, I love your blog. I too love x-men. Keep on blogging!

Your bro Scott