Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Phoenix Jones: Real Superhero

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's... Some Dude?!

Seattle has a new superhero and he goes by the name Phoenix Jones. Five nights out of the week Pheonix Jones dawns on his costume and goes out into the night stopping crime. He is the leader of a group of eight superheroes in Seattle called "Rain City Superherores."
Phoenix Jones is a six feet one, 205 pound African American 22 year old man is a father of 2. He is adamant about reporters keeping his secret identity. Phoenix says that him and his crew break up about two to three acts of violence a night. 

Recently Phoenix Jones was arrested after he pepper-sprayed a crowd. Besides pepper spray some of his other powers include taser, night stick, and tear gas. He also wears a custom made suit with body armor and a kevlar vest.
Click HERE for Video of Phoenix Jones arrest

Real life superheroes aren't a new thing. There are over 200 superheroes across the country.

There's DC's Guardian, in Washington, who wears a full-body stars and-stripes outfit and wanders the troubled areas behind the Capitol building. 

There's RazorHawk, from Minneapolis, who was a pro wrestler for fifteen years before joining the RLSH movement. 

There's New York City's Dark Guardian, who specializes in chasing pot dealers out of Washington Square Park by creeping up to them, shining a light in their eyes, and yelling, "This is a drug-free park!"

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